Kitchen Remodeling

Material selection & procurement

When you imagine your kitchen renovation, the cabinets are usually a top-of-mind consideration. At HC Professional Carpet & Home Improvement, we are highly skilled in the interior design component of choosing cabinets to take your new kitchen to the next level of renovation. From flat panel to shaker style, from crisp and contemporary to the classic elegance of traditional techniques, we’ll incorporate the ideal kitchen cabinets into your renovated space.

Yet another crucial element of a kitchen renovation is updating the countertops. Durability is always important, but so is style. We are well-versed in all the details of common kitchen countertop materials – marble and quartz, solid surface and soapstone, butcher block for the country kitchen look – and will readily procure the ideal choice for your particular kitchen aesthetic.


Kitchen remodeling is one of the services that we offer for residential clients. The Kitchen is the center of the home and the hub of activity for many households. Kitchen remodeling can be such a headache! This major undertaking is not just expensive but is also an inconvenience to the home. Where will you cook? Where will you store your food?
For this reason, many homeowners pause when considering this undertaking. But after more thought and planning, they found that there was still good reason to undertake a kitchen remodeling project. One thing is for sure; the result is usually worth the trouble. We realize that your Kitchen is much more than the space where you prepare food. It’s the space that has seen your children grow. Where they learned to bake and fry, countless rushed, dotted-on meals have been made. Heart and soul have been poured into every meal your family and friends have enjoyed. It is a space that embodies a perfect blend of time, life, joy, and growth.