Water Damage

Technicians Trained

  • Technicians trained in emergency water removal
  • Advanced water removal equipment
  • Trained and background-checked Sears associates
  • Technicians will instruct you how to minimize water damage until they arrive
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.

When you have water emergency, take the following actions as soon as possible:

  1. Call a HC Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. The more time it takes for a professional to get to the scene and remove the water, the more likely it will be that water damage will occur, mold will proliferate, and flooring or other fixtures will be ruined.
  2. Stop the water leak if possible.
  3. Shut off the circuit breakers to the rooms affected by the water leak if it is safe.

  4.  Remove breakable objects and furniture from water-affected rooms to prevent damage to those items.

  5. Do not attempt to use a vacuum to remove water. Doing so could cause an electric shock.

    Water emergencies are almost always unpredictable, occurring when homeowners least expect them. It could be that a pipe has burst, a flood has occurred, the washer or dishwasher has overflowed, or the water heater leaked. No matter the origin, unexpected flooding puts your home and property at risk, and time is of the essence.

    HC Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration technicians stand by for calls related to water removal emergencies.

    Our technicians are specially trained to operate powerful water removal equipment to quickly and completely remove water.. Our technicians have years of experience in water removal and are insured and background-checked.