Auto Interior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning

Your autos are on the front lines when it comes to dirt and grime from travel and outdoor activities. Keeping them clean often feels like a losing battle, in spite of your conscientious efforts.

Lucky for you, HC Professional Carpet cleans more than carpet. In fact, we can apply our carpet-cleaning expertise to cars. Our trained technicians use the same state-of-the-art cleaning solutions and equipment that you’ve grown accustomed to in your home. You can also count on the same reliable and dependable service. Whether we’re cleaning your home or your vehicles, the results are the same.

At HC Professional Carpet, we understand that every cleaning situation is different. Your autos take a beating, and that’s why we start every car interior cleaning with a detailed analysis.

We identify the problem areas, like spots and ground-in dirt.
Our highly-trained specialists use our proprietary hot-water extraction method to successfully extract the dirt and debris.

You get optimal results without the abrasive brushing of other cleaning methods. And, we even get rid of those pesky problems, like ground-in dirt from your son’s soccer cleats or sand from your trip to the beach.

You may have tried to shampoo the interior of your vehicles, or perhaps you at least surface cleaned where you could. But it probably didn’t take long to discover that other cleaning methods simply don’t measure up.

Remember, nobody does car interior cleaning like HC Professional Carpet. You’ve invested a great deal of money into your vehicles, and naturally you’d like to keep them looking their best. Don’t try to do it yourself, and don’t settle for second best. Put your trust in the people who achieve superior results—time and time again. Call HC Professional Carpet.